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Rip in pieces usa

Rip in pieces USA
Jeudi 11 Décembre 2008, 21h
L'Envers, 185 Van Horne (Montréal, QC, Canada) carte


Rip in pieces usa

Dominic Gagnon
work in progress
Qc, 2008, 69 min

Rio in pieces USA 

I was watching video on the Internet and I noticed that certain homemade clips were flagged for their content and quickly disappearing from free hosting sites. I started to save and edit them in a capsule format.  Working in a gray zone about copyright, I nevertheless fulfill the authors’ will to contextualize their situation by grouping their videos together and then diffuse / preserve their messages. -DG

when this thing goes down
and the crack-down happens
all this information that is on the internet
all these documentations... not going to be there anymore, man
they are going to cut off the main frame
delete all this information
that's it
you're not going to know anything


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