Cinéma Abattoir


February 20th & 21th 2010
San Francisco Cinematheque

live harsh noise and 16mm film performance


March 6th 2010
San Francisco Cinematheque, in collaboration with Other Cinema

LE CINÉMA, L’APESANTEUR (Cinemas, Heaviness)

short films program from the vault of occult film society Cinema Abattoir

Toward the Abîme-Cinéma, the program of short films LE CINÉMA, L’APESANTEUR (Cinemas, Heaviness) exposes the latent image, the one situated inside the anticipated and menacing Spiral itself. Satanism, Nature, Love and Mysticism are all motoring against the opacity of the clear-image (Death). The perforations and fragmentation never become Symbol, and never were. Instead, if looking longer enough without ever blinking, its essence (neither visibility nor transparency, but Light) is, and always was, emanating. It is in this breathing space (the Spiral) that the Light merges, not in the film, but maybe in between the frames? (Look into my eyes! that each films whisper, Look into my eyes!). The short films in this program are, in presentation order, ALL THAT RISES (Daichi Saito, 2007, 7 min), ESSAI À LA MILLE (Jean-Claude Labrecque, 1970, 7 min), BROUILLARD (Alexandre Larose, 2009, 3 min), NEUF OEUFS NOIRS (I) (Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt, 2008-2010), SACRÉ-COEUR DE SATAN (Serge de Cotret, 2008, 10 min), THE SEX OF SELF-HATRED (Solomon Nagler, 2004, 9 min), MOUVEMENT DE LUMIÈRE (Karl Lemieux, 2004, 8 min), CHROMO SUD (Étienne O’Leary, 1968, 21 min).





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